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Ever since I decided to abandon my asocial life of World of Warcraft and Counter Strike gaming, I was focused on working out. Lifting weights, running, going for walks for hours. It all started with me watching a Zyzz-video, presumably a guy who played a warrior in WoW, and PvPed for hours. The dude underwent an amazing transformation going for a scrawny-neck-looking nerd, to a #shreddedsickcuntbruh real quick. So I sat there, a fat depressed fuck playing WoW and not even being particularly good at it, and thought: “…….Fuck this. Seriously. I’m done. This is it. It’s over.” And it was really, really hard to abandon an environment I was a part of for 8 years, 4-5 hours daily, 4-5 nights a week. I had many friends there, one metric fuckton of memories, but it was like breaking up with someone you really love because it’s not working and has no future: It has to be done.

So, I figured: “Let’s get shredded and fuck bitches.” I swear, I believe it was one of my actual thoughts at the time. I’m not ashamed, that where I was “at” at the time, I evolved, I’m not the same person and haven’t been for years. I left my gaming life behind, went cold turkey and did following:

  • Quit smoking. I was smoking 20+ rolling tobacco cigarettes a day. I was chain smoking.
  • Quit soda pop, candy, kebabs.
  • Started working out 3 days a week and hired a PT.
  • Straight to “Tuna, eggs and salad”-routine
  • Got shredded skinnyfat. Fuck.
  • One year of fucking around doing bruhcurls, I hired another coach, because my first one did not meet my demands anymore.
  • Two years since going cold turkey later, I’m doing squats, benchpresses and deadlifts. M-M-M-M-M-M-MONSTAH. Still not shredded, because lacking muscle mass. Got only skinny at 79kg body weight (down from 98kg). #MFW 🙁

Weight loss, popping veinz, and general sense of accomplishment got me high. I got full of myself. Being a body-fixated clown was my life, and I attracted like minded people to my life. That’s where it all went to shit, I started comfort eating and binge drinking whisky like no tomorrow. Sad cunt, bruh.

ANYWAY. Fast forward another year, and I simply can’t stand the whole “body focus”-thing. I’ve been there, but after a good while I realized it’s all built upon layers of insecurity, cognitive dissonance, and amazing levels of validation addiction. In my honest opinion, “you are not the clothes you wear, you are not your job, you are not the contents of your wallet”, and you are most definitely not your results. It is SO easy to get lost in this jungle of validation rush, likes, #peach<3<3<3-comments and start basing your happiness on these factors: comments and likes you get on the shit you post. No shame, it’s human. It’s easy and it’s addictive. If you scroll (really far) down my Instagram-feed, you’ll see some shit. As I’ve said, “I’ve been there”. Got the t-shirt.

Now, today I’m more accepting of people showing off their “results”. Fine. Fuck it. You starved your ass for it, go right ahead. It feels good to have low’ish body fat percentage. It does. It’s absolutely not surprising why there is this whole, gigantic, multi-billion dollar business out there to satisfy your “Lose 10lbs in four days”-needs. It is no surprise why some of the younger generation is sleeping their way to glory of validation and sense of acceptance: There is no easier way to gain validation and “0o0oh, somebody likes me”-feeling than to show some skin.

And it’s cool: It is what it is, always been, always will be like that. What I’m having problem with is the whole “saying one thing, and showing off something entirely different”-business. And today’s rant post is with one Instagram-account in mind: @girlswhopowerlift, with associated hashtag #girlswhopowerlift. Side note: This is actually funny, as I was looking up a link for the account, I found out that I am blocked from seeing the page. Fair enough. My critique obviously placed me in a “hater”-box. I don’t mind.

The beef. My beef is when you obviously post tacky pictures, disguising it as a “look at this strong woman”-card. “I should be allowed to show off the hard work I’ve put in”. Abso-fucking-lutely. I agree. Not everyone is working out to be strong, and not everyone works out to be shredded. We all have different stories and goals. There is no right or wrong in this. I get “mad, bro” when you are telling a different story, accompanied by a picture that is absolutely taken out of context. I get disappointed when you are not able to call things for what they are and stand by it. “I post this picture because I feel sexy, and I love my butt”. 100% legit. Not entirely what I appreciate the most, but I respect your priorities. “Lifting weights make girls bulky. WRONG!” and you follow it up with a tacky pose in your minimalistic underwear, at “that kind of” angle, and I’m having a hard time (pun not intended) taking you seriously. You’re just after attention, regardless whether you are aware of the fact yourself or not.

Name “Girls who powerlift” implies that the focus is on powerlifting. Powerlifting is about strength. Powerlifting is about lifting weights, and people get judged by the weights they lift. Simple logic. Focus on the booty and body in general is at bikini fitness. They get judged by their aesthetics. There is a clear difference here, and to be crystal clear: either way is fine and there is nothing wrong with it. We all have different priorities in life, we want different things out of training, and our intent is crystal clear. When intent and message you send do not match up, we have a difference.

Examples of the difference I’m talking about:

Now, that’s one strong girl. A girl who powerlifts. Her results are her strength, ergo weights lifted.

@streaky_yates_ repping for #Peachgang🍑the strong way 💪 3×3 275lb with ease. 😍💪 #gwplgear

A video posted by GirlsWho PowerLift (@girlswhopowerlift) on

Again: strong. Powerlifting.

But then we have a sudden focus on physique. Here’s an example of non-tacky, legit shot of a physique should you want to show it off:

@nataliegess checking in for #powerliftingthickthighthursday ❤ 🍗 🍗 💕 #BeachEnvy 😁

A photo posted by GirlsWho PowerLift (@girlswhopowerlift) on

The context here is sun, ocean, beach, and them powerlifting muscles. One happy, strong woman. Cool.

But then we have these:


A perfect example of mismatch between content and message sent. By all means, say that you feel sexy, or proud of your ass. I wouldn’t follow you, but I’d respect that. Content and message sent matches. You stand by your message, and I respect that. Just, please, don’t disguise it as “The time and effort and mental strength to get results”-post.

And some questionable angles:

Not entirely sure how this angle would be helpful. Perhaps there was no other way to set-up a camera. Who knows. Maybe. But then again: what would be the point of filming if the angle is bad? Whatever.

Powerlifting makes girls ohh so manly 😂😂 #backitupmonday with @julietteocfit ❤ #Peachgang🍑member 😍

A photo posted by GirlsWho PowerLift (@girlswhopowerlift) on

#peachgang. “I rest my case, Your Honor.” There is a big difference between tacky and sexy.

See, there is nothing wrong with showing off your body. There is nothing wrong with showing skin, regardless of your body type or gender. There’s nothing wrong with feeling (or wanting to feel) sexy. I respect the hours and effort put in to reach a goal, may it be aesthetics or plates on a bar. My main and only point is: setting, context and moderation is key. Do these things belong in a powerlifting environment? In my highly subjective and personal opinion: No. Showing off your nudes and associate powerlifting with them is out of place. Most people see through a nude post with a text “Look, how strong I am” and take it for what it is. You’re not fooling anyone. If you felt strong, you’d post your PR, or a workout in general.

See? This is how powerlifting results look like. This is what “strong looks like”. There’s no need for skin or dodgy angles.


If you wish to post more skin, I’d suggest renaming your channel to “girlswholift”. It would match the content with the message sent more. Just keep powerlifting out of it. Peace.

PS: as always, by the end of the day, you can do whatever the fuck you wanna do. These are my thoughts on the subject. This is a rant. Please respect the mental strength, time and effort it took to keep myself civil.

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