Who I am:

“To define is to limit”. With that said, I’m just a 29 year old guy who, after a decade of shitty life, had one too many epiphanies and desided to blog about it with the aim to perhaps help other people in the same situation. I got tired of playing games(8 years of raiding in World of Warcraft says “hello”) and basically hiding in my own shitty, safe, comfortzone bubble finding excuses not to do shit. Some might think it’s too late, but I don’t, because: Better fucking LATE than NEVER.

What #ProjectOjive is:

So after I “woke up” from a depressed gamer hell, it was like my lungs were filled with the freshest, chilly sommer mountain air and the fog lifted. Quite an overwhelming feeling, really. Imagine driving a car through a cloudy, foggy weather. Your visibility is like 50 meters tops, and you drive slow not to risk anything, you’re sleepy and just want to stop and go to sleep. Suddenly something happens and the fog lifts and you are greeted with clear blue sky, sunshine rays reaching your skin with their warm touch and you can see all the way to the horizontal line, like 100km ahead. You suddenly notice your surroundings, smells, sounds, sensations, sun slightly hurts your eyes and the sensation of so much open space almost freaks you out.

That pretty much describes it.

I went from “living through” my life, in a foggy, cold weather without aim nor ambitions, doing same shit every day ending up being bored out of my fucking mind. Every.Single.Day. to actually “living” my life, with aims and ambitions. I became aware of my limitations, my fears, and started examining them and working on them. I went from agonizing boredom to “Oh shit, 24 hours is just not enough” in a matter of a few months. During that time I set up plans that made myself “pretty much set” for a good half a year from now.

This is gonna be one tough journey, there will be cringe, there will be lols to be had, there will be fails. But there will also be experience gained, and development done.

#ProjectOjive is sort of a two-part thing: it’s about physical and mental wellbeing. I do lift weights, I do eat clean and I’m testing different dietary approaches to my own wellbeing. I’m also invested into mental development in all areas that involve flirting with my comfort zone, taking babysteps out of it to the point of true freedom of doing what the fuck I want (common sence applied).

I’ve been there myself, and I’ve seen this before so many times, people giving up their lives and just living day-to-day, coping. Coping, not living. And I’m oh-so-done coping. The world has so much to offer and life is simply too short to waste it on negative emotions, worrying, fearing things. Fuck all that. I don’t have time for that. YOU don’t have time for that. What we DO have time for is positive emotions, joy, happiness, goals, passion and drive. If I gave you a choice, today, that for the rest of your life you only have two choices and there is no going back, what would you choose?

a) Live a shitty life, worry about everything, bitch about meaningless shit, and generate or even surround yourself with negative vibes.
b) Live a good life, worry about shit that actually matters, otherwise living easy, have “I can fix this” attitude no matter how dark things look, be kind and respectful towards yourself and people around you.

I belive most people, if not all, would’ve gone for option b. The reality is no different.

#ProjectOjive is about taking the right choices, even if they seem scary. Like booking a one week vacation at work, and not buying tickets untill last moment or so (cheap tickets, random destination, its going to be a vacation nevertheless, you step out of your comfort zone and you get an adrenaline rush out of it. Gains were had). It’s about treating yourself the best you can do, which not only involves eating healthy and working out, it also involves kicking your ass in other areas of life even if you “just want to chill”. There is a big difference between being legit tired and needing rest, and “just wanting to chill”. The latter is either laziness or fear of executing the task at hand. Both worth adressing.

I’m not 100% clear on the direction of this project or how much PR I wish to do with it. Yet. It’s simply because at the writing moment I’m still locked down, emotionally and physically, and my mind naturally is seeking excuses not to do shit I wanna do. This project is a lifelong project, it’s not an easy fix. So….stay tuned for progress updates.

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